Rustic Grace Estate Wedding | Austin & Lexi


PHOTOGRAPHER | melissa shook photography     SECOND SHOOTER | ariana miller

CEREMONY & RECEPTION | rustic grace estates    PLANNER  | julep events

HAIR & MAKEUP | katie gundershmeir     GROOMSMEN SUITS | jos a banks

  OFFICIANT | rev. cheryl murphy     DJ | jacob chambers and emcee is austin reed     VIDEOGRAPHER | 3orless productions

FLORIST | market street   CATERER | prestige catering    BAKERY | market street and nothing bundt cakes


This is a wedding that I really wanted to blog.  I just love and adore this couple and was so excited about their wedding.  The day started off pretty good, cloudy and humid.  I knew it would rain but did I ever think that it would rain the way it did and when it did????  NEVER!   That’s okay though, sometimes when things go crazy and you think it’s just awful, you take a look around and know that you are surround by your favorite people and that everything would be okay.

The rain came – and it did before we could get Lexi into the chapel for her first look.   But she had her friends to help cover her up and get her over there to see her groom.  We were able to get the first look in before too many guests started to show up and fill the chapel.  Just as they were about to start the ceremony, the power went out.  No music, no lights not nothing!  Luckily we had a lot of natural light from the windows and the amazing Ginny with Julep Events was able to find a way to get music playing for Lexi so that she could walk down he aisle.

The Ceremony was just beautiful – Lexi looked amazing and Austin smiled and left tears of joy in Lexi’s eyes – then wiped them off!   As soon as the ceremony was over the power came back on!!!!  YAY!  We finished up all the formals and headed into the reception for Lexi and Austin to party the night away.  This will be a wedding I never forget.  I applaud you two, you kept it together and you both looked amazing.  The wedding was perfect and now you can sit back and smile about all the crazy things.  I promise you – it was worth it!  


Rustic Grace Estate Wedding | Austin & Lexi

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